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A Master for tomorrow’s managers

by Port News Editorial Staff

Train highly qualified professional profiles, able to simultaneously handle the technical, technological, legal and managerial aspects, that are fundamental for managing innovation in the maritime, port and logistics sector. This is the objective of the 1st level Master degree program, Smart and Sustainable Operations in Maritime and Port Logistics, presented this morning in Livorno’s Old Fortress’ Ferretti conference hall

The Master degree course has been inspired by an idea from Federmanager, (the Italian Managers’Association) and was developed as part of the ForMare Toscana initiative by the University of Pisa in collaboration with the Maremma and Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce and the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority.

The training course was illustrated by the Director of the Master degree course, Davide Aloini. It is targeted at graduates in all subjects from the old and the new university system and to officials, professionals and managers. However, non-graduates can also participate, as ‘listener students.’

The multidisciplinary course, lasting 12 months, will start in February 2021 and is divided into six modules. It focuses on the topics of Digitization in the Maritime Sector, Contracts, Maritime Insurance, Organization of Ports and Maritime Transport, Management and internationalization.

A total of 300 teaching hours and a 500-hour company work placement. At the end of the Master degree course there will be the opportunity to have an interview with one of partner companies in the project.

Course attendance allows you to acquire 60 university credits. Participants who have followed at least 70% of the activities and have completed the final project work will be awarded the Master degree diploma. The lessons will be held on Fridays and Saturdays at the Chamber of Commerce.

“What is being presented today is an important quality leap in the training chain” said Claudio Capuano, Training Director at the Port Network Authority, at the opening of the press conference. “This is” – he continued – “an initiative conceived in lockdown times that allows us to expand the skills that companies now need to interpret the changes taking place.”

The Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Pierluigi Giuntoli, also expressed his satisfaction. He stressed that the Chamber of Commerce has decided to host the Master degree program at their premises: “We will offer our classrooms and provide all the IT and technological tools that will be needed for the post-graduate course” he said, ” the Master degree course introduces completely innovative features in the training panorama, due to its multidisciplinary approach and its strong correlation with the business world.”

The Vice President of Federmanager, Fabrizio Ceccarelli, instead, said that he was responsible for an initiative that has been developed thanks to the synergies that institutions and entrepreneurs have been able to set up over the last few months, working hard “to give a practical response to company needs”.

The foresight shown by the promoters, was also acknowledged by the Director of Pisa University’s logistics faculty in Livorno, Gianluca Dini, in his opening speech: “The Master degree course is the fruit of an agreement recently renewed by the University of Pisa, Livorno Municipality, Livorno Foundation and the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, ” he said.

For the Regional Councilor for Education, Cristina Grieco, the initiative represents the perfect epilogue for the attention that Tuscany Regional Administration has always tried to give to Education, considering it a fundamental asset to meet the development needs of a region that is preparing to face the formidable challenges the future holds: “Today we are able to offer a complete training package that we have been working on in these lockdown months ” she said. “I believe that this Master degree course in a certain sense represents the model that we should adopt from now on; the model of ITS courses funded by Tuscany Regional Administration. They represent a practical attempt to connect the training process with the production chain. It is a great opportunity both for students and managers and for companies themselves, that can invest in training to increase levels of competitiveness and sustainability”.

The Master degree course has a cost of 4000 euros. It can be refunded in full by Tuscany Regional Administration with the vouchers made available for post-graduate courses. Up to a maximum of 2000 euros for business managers and up to 4000 euros for young Tuscan graduates up to 34 years old who have an ISEE of no more than 36,000 euros.

“Our Port Network Authority” – Mr. Capuano pointed out – “is studying forms of support for companies that want to enroll their employees in this course.”

“We can’t wait for the Master degree course to begin and see the results” – said the President of the Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini, at the end of the Conference – “We need managers who are prepared and suitable for the challenges that await us”.

Registrations are open and will close on January 11th. The Master degree course is reserved for no more than 25 people.

Translation by Giles Foster

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