Pasqualino Monti’s accusation

Assoporti? a spectral body

by Port News Editorial Staff

Assoporti: either you shift gear or you close down. Pasqualino Monti, president of the Western Sicily Port Network Authority, resigned from the association representing the Italian Port Network Authorities long ago. “But from an external standpoint – says Monti – I cannot help but recall with regret and sadness that the reasons that had prompted me to leave Assoporti, are now clear to everyone.

For the Sicilian Authority’s leading figure “the inclusion of the port reform within the reform of the public administration, has not only demonstrated and is demonstrating all its ineffectiveness, but has also dramatically exposed the uselessness of an association, Assoporti, which in the past was a valid interlocutor for the institutions and the world of shipping, and today is a ‘spectral body’ in a sector that needs very different tools and roles to relaunch itself.

Monti claims to have repeatedly pointed out “how the president of a port is a manager called to manage one of the most important industries in the country, and needs the necessary tools to deal with a market whose timing is incompatible with the timing of public administration and the bureaucracy that comes with it.

“What is needed – he concludes – is to strengthen the general management of ports at the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructures , to free the presidents from that “noose” of useless legislation that hinders action, slowing down the economic and financial development of port areas and to reinforce the role of the harbour authority in managing the safety of shipping, avoiding useless competence overlaps that often end up weakening both parties or negatively affecting the most vulnerable one”.

Translation by Giles Foster

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