Assoporti, simplification’s the word

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Italian Port Association supports the bill of law put forward on 30th November by Raffaella Paita, President of the Transport Commission at the Chamber of Deputies, for the simplification of procedures in ports.

The Bill amends the articles of the Port Reorganization Act concerning the Port Masterplan, dredging and tendering procedures.

Assoporti has repeatedly called for the simplification and streamlining of administrative procedures for ports. All too often those who manage port areas are literally caught up in procedures and requests for authorizations from other organizations, bodies or public administrations. There is a lot of duplication and overlapping involved in building essential infrastructure, but also in granting authorizations and state concessions. These burdens inevitably are detrimental for our ports’ competitiveness.

For Assoporti President Daniele Rossi, “It is time to change course. Raffaella Paita  has correctly highlighted a problem that we face every day. We have been talking about simplification for years, but, every time, our ports get additional competences, or procedures that overlap with those that already exist. Now we need to accompany the Next Generation EU funds with simplification.”

Translation by Giles Foster