British Ports Association initiative

Autonomous ships? Let’s talk about it

by Port News Editorial Staff

The prospect of a new, but uncertain, future looms on the horizon. Autonomous ships will soon sail the world’s seas, but there are still many aspects to discuss, especially considering the implications that automation processes will have on the daily relations between ports and shipowners.

This is why the British Ports Association (BPA) has decided to take the lead and launch a network dedicated to the issue, the Autonomous Shipping in Ports Network, which will include all registered members of the association but which will also be open to specialists in the sector.

At the same time, BPA has asked members to answer a series of questions on the topic. Those interested will have until 12th October to send their contributions.

BPA President Richard Ballantyne said that Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships would soon become a reality and many ports are beginning to wonder how to proactively address the challenges posed by this technological innovation. The time has come to talk seriously about it in depth.


Translation by Giles Foster

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