Bronze medal for Greek shipowners

by Port News Editorial Staff

Since 2018 Greek ships have upped their value by  92%. This is a remarkable result  when compared to the overall growth of the fleet, which, over the four-year period, was just 11 %, or 474 vessels.

In a post published a few days ago to celebrate the return of Posidonia, one of the most anticipated international shipping events of the year, last held four years ago, Vessel Value reported that the  Hellenic shipping industry was in very good health.

While the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition is underway in Athens (it will end on June 10th ), the analysis company records how, in spite of its ranking 84th on the basis of resident population, Greece got the bronze medal in 2022 for the number of ships it owns: 4766 compared to China’s 5589 and Japan’s 6755.

Not only that. Since the last edition of Posidonia, Greece has maintained its leadership as the top vessel buyer. If, between January and June 2018, the Greeks had purchased 121 ships, 131 vessels were bought  in the same period in 2022. A result that puts Hellenic shipowners above China, in second position with a total of 127 ships purchased since the beginning of the year.

Translation by Giles Foster

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