Off the Russian coastal town of Tuapse

Car Carrier aground in the Black Sea

by Port News Editorial Staff

A Cameroonian-flagged car carrier was intentionally stranded off the coast of the Russian Black Sea town of Tuapse after it had listed heavily starboardside over the weekend due to a hull breach that led to  the ship’s engine room flooding.

According to the Russian Agency for Maritime & River Transportation, RosMoRechFlot, the Lider Bulut was intentionally grounded to avoid capsizing. The inspection revealed the presence of several holes in the ship’s hull.

The crew reported the accident on Saturday 18th  June and called for help at the port of Tuapse after the ship tilted over 10 degrees. The Russian authorities sent rescue vessels to secure the area.

There were no oil spills. No casualties were reported. The 28 crew members, including Turkish and Georgian nationals, have been rescued.

The ship was on route from Samsun, Turkey, to Novorossiysk

Translation by Giles Foster

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