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CMA & PSA, sustainability Memorandum

by Port News Editorial Staff

Today CMA CGM and PSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to  jointly plan initiatives to promote environmental sustainability at the Port of Singapore’s Lion Terminal, which the shipping line and terminal group have been operating as a joint venture since 2016.

This was announced in a press release by the French shipping company. In particular, the parties agree to use certain digital solutions ( such as PSA’s Opte-Arrive system) to save on bunkers and thus reduce carbon emissions.

Opt-E-Arrive has in fact been programmed to enable CMA CGM ships to skip docking at anchor and berth on time without wasting time. The solution synchronizes real-time activities and automates data exchange between the carrier and port operator’s systems, optimizing vessel speed and, hence, fuel consumption.

According to CMA CGM, annual bunker savings for CMA CGM ships arriving in Singapore could range from 4%  to 7% of the total.

The press release points out the wide-ranging collaborations demonstrate the shared commitment between the CMA CGM Group and PSA to promote excellence and decarbonize shipping through the joint venture partnership in CPLT.

Translation by Giles Foster

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