Quay congestion

Congestion? Seattle’s got the solution

by Port News Editorial Staff

Los Angeles is congested? No problem, the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are ready to step in.

A few days after the Californian port of call’s announcement that it would be diverting a part of the ships currently stuck in San Pedro Bay to other hubs, the two Washington State ports have made it known that they have space available for handling additional shipments.

The congested quays at the City of Angels port represent a major development opportunity for the two ports of call, which are just under 1100 miles from Los Angeles and part of the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA).

The two ports declared that their target is to return to the pre-crisis levels of 2019, when they handled 3.8 million TEUs. The Chief Commercial Officer at NWSA, Tong Zhu said they would be satisfied if they could close 2021 with the same volumes of goods they handled in 2019. She added that the two ports of call could make a difference at this difficult time.

Translation by Giles Foster

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