Drewry's weekly report

Container shipping, rates still falling

by Port News Editorial Staff

The World Container Index compiled by Drewry, which assesses freight rates on the eight major routes to and from the United States, Europe and Asia, was down 0.7% this week, with $6,998 per 40-foot container handled. The figure is 21% lower than the same week last year.

In detail, rates between Shanghai and Los Angeles and between Shanghai and Rotterdam both fell by 1% to $7,480/FEU and $6,999/FEU, respectively, while rates between Rotterdam and Shanghai dropped 7% to $1,241/FEU.

Rates between Los Angeles and Shanghai, on the other hand, rose 1% to $1,292, while, between New York and Rotterdam they were up by  3% to $1,280. Rates between Rotterdam and New York increased by 2% to $6,929/FEU.

As for the routes between Shanghai and New York and Shanghai and Genoa, rates remained the same as  the week before.

Translation by Giles Foster

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