Commissioner Luciano Guerrieri's decision

Darsena Europa, commissioning body

by Port News Editorial Staff

Just a few months after the publication of the Prime Minister’s decree (DPCM) appointing him as special commissioner for the completion of the Darsena Europa facility, the president of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Luciano Guerrieri, has issued a special order to set up a special commissioning body for the construction of the Livorno Port’s seaward expansion infrastructure.

Mr. Guerrieri has appointed Roberta Macii as deputy commissioner. The senior manager in charge of tenders and contracts at the Authority has been chosen for her long-standing experience in the sector. Besides taking on the role of managing director at Piombino Port Authority and subsequently at the North-Central Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, since 2014 Roberta Macii has held the position of deputy commissioner to the president of the Tuscany Regional Administration, Eugenio Giani, in the infrastructural improvement, environmental requalification and reindustrialization of the port of Piombino.

The senior manager will be entrusted with supervising and coordinating the management of the commissioning body, employing outside expertise, and all the activities required to achieve the objectives set by the special commissioner.

The commissioning body, which, through ad hoc measures, will be subsequently integrated with Port Network Authority personnel, also includes the director of Livorno/Capraia Infrastructure management department, Enrico Pribaz, who has been appointed Single Project Manager for the “coastal defence projects and dredging operations provided for in the new first phase of the implementation of the Piattaforma Europa infrastructure project.”

The Authority’s senior administrative manager, Simone Gagliani, has been put in charge of managing the funding allocated to the project.

For Mr. Guerrieri, setting up the commissioning body is a decisive step towards moving from the design phase to the executive phase of one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects.

The completion of coastal defence projects and dredging operations are expected to start in the autumn. For the Port Network Authority, this means the beginning of a demanding season in which the schedule must be strictly adhered to.

“Up to now we have worked with the support of the senior managers and staff at the Port Network Authority. Now the time has come to take a further step forward,” said President Guerrieri.

“The complexity and the need to carry out the procedures in a tighter timeframe than originally envisaged make it essential to set up a commissioning body made up of staff who are able to work continuously, even if not exclusively. The names chosen are a guarantee for the successful achievement of a priority objective.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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