MIT ready to complete funding

Darsena Europa is on the cards

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) is ready to do its part right to the end for the Darsena Europa, the seaward expansion project, with which the port of Livorno aims to achieve new traffic objectives.

Minister Paola De Micheli confirmed this in an interview she gave to Il Tirreno which was published in the special Logistics and Shipping issue. “Right at this very moment, the Infrastructure Fund has been assigned to MIT. This means that we will also be able to complete the financing of the Darsena Europa” said the head of the Infrastructure and Transport Ministry, who stressed how the projects to develop the Tuscan port are progressing.

“Between May and June simulations were carried out to evaluate the safety aspects of the project – she said -, “These tests were very positive and provided important indications for the continuation of this strategic infrastructure for the port of Livorno. In addition, work on the Microtunnel will start up again over the summer.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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