Dredging and coastal defences

Darsena Europa, the offer’s there

by Port News Editorial Staff

Another decisive step towards the completion of the Darsena Europa, the seaward expansion facility with which the port of Livorno intends to reach  new traffic  growth targets  and optimize existing areas.

Today, in fact, marked the deadline  for the submission of proposals   in response to  the call for tenders for coastal  defenses and dredging operations

The news is that a single tender  has been  submitted by an ad hoc  company consortium. The consortium  is made up of  four leading companies (Società Italiana Dragaggi Spa, Fincantieri Infrastructure, Sales Spa and Fincosit srl) at national and international level, confirming the considerable interest that this project is attracting  from the major players and stakeholders in the industry.

The contract involves the  protection of the new harbour  entrance to  the port of Livorno (Northern entrance), Darsena Europa’s new harbour  basin with its  access channel, the construction of new containment basins and the dredging operations  required to make them fully  functional.

Work is planned for 393 million euros (the budget is 450 million euros).

More specifically, this includes the construction of an outer  4.6 km seawall , consisting of the new Diga Nord breakwater and the construction of the new Meloria breakwater (and the demolition of the old one).

In addition, 2.3 km of protective barriers  will be built to delimit the new containment basins (90 hectares) which will be added to the existing ones (70 hectares) which are  already subject to a consolidation project.

The dredging operations are designed to provide  the foundation for the new works, deepening the access channel seabed and create basins and internal docks. A total of 15.7 million cubic meters will be dredged.

The Port Network Authority will nominate  the tender commission over the next few days.

Translation by Giles Foster

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