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New shipping surcharges announced

ETS, Maersk foresees new surcharges

by Port News Editorial Staff

The shipping regulations of the Fit for 55 Package, those to cut down ship emissions, will have a major cost impact on shipping services.

This is what Maersk claims in a report published on its website recently. The Danish shipping company argues that the extension of the EU Emission Trading System (EU-ETS) to shipping will result in new costs for big carriers. This will probably force them to charge shippers an additional fee for each forty-foot container they carry.

According to the proposal approved by the European Parliament at the end of June and submitted in mid-July, shipping companies are in fact required to surrender allowances for all emissions on sailings  within the EU and 50% on sailings  between EU and non-EU ports for vessels  over 5,000 dwt.

The Commission proposes a transition period in which shipping companies are required to hand over allowances corresponding to a percentage of their emissions. From 2026, emissions from all voyages should be covered with possible exemptions for non-EU countries.

“To ensure transparency, we plan to apply these costs as a standalone  surcharge effective Q1 2023” Maersk states.

Based on initial estimates, sailings from the Far East to Northern Europe will cost an average of 170 euros more per dry container transported. The surcharge for the return trip, from Northern Europe to the Far East will be 99 euros.

Translation by Giles Foster

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