World Shipping Council study

Fewer containers lost at sea

by Port News Editorial Staff

Increasingly fewer containers have fallen overboard. Over the last three years, the world’s container fleets have lost an average of 779 containers each year.

This is highlighted by the latest update of a report by the World Shipping Council (WSC), carried out through a survey of shipping companies that are members of the World Shipowners’ Association.

In 12 years, since the WSC began monitoring, an average of 1382 containers per year have been lost at sea.

The first report in 2011 revealed a loss of about 675 containers per year, including serious accidents. The number quadrupled in the following three years (2011-2013) with over 2,683 containers lost each year.

After the peak in 2013, total losses have gradually decreased to 779 containers per year in the last report.

However, the WSC stresses that the number of containers lost at sea represents the thousandth part of 1% of the total number of containers handled each year, approximately 220 million.

Translation by Giles Foster

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