Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty report

Fifty-four vessels were lost in 2021

by Port News Editorial Staff

In 2021, 54 over one hundred dwt ships  were lost at sea, almost half of which (as many as 27) were merchant vessels.

This was certified by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty in its latest annual report Safety & Shipping Review 2022, analyzing the  safety of maritime cargo transportation.

Shipwreck, sinking or flooding are among the main causes, involving a total of 32 vessels..

The area where the largest number of losses was recorded was the maritime region of South China, Indochina, Indonesia and the Philippines, with a  total of 21 ships

However, the trend in the number of losses recorded over the last few  years has gradually, steadily been decreasing from 127 in 2012.

Translation by Giles Foster

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