Global Ports has its sights on Taranto

by Port News Editorial Staff

After Yilport, another big Turkish company has set his eyes on the port of Taranto: Global Ports Melita Ltd. A few days ago this company, part of the Turkish terminal group  Global Ports Holding (GPH),presented the Ionian Port Network Authority with a concession application (ex. art.36 of the Navigation Code) for using areas and state property on the San Cataldo Pier.

It has applied for the exclusive use of a berthing area for cruise traffic management, an open area of 400 square meters to install a reception marquee and another 600 square meters of the multifunctional building, called Falanto, for offices, crew rooms and various services.

The application for the concession was published on January 16th and will remain for 40 consecutive days, until February 24th, to allow those interested to submit any competing applications

Translation by Giles Foster

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