Livorno Port Network Authority presents its budget

Greater investments & sustainability

by Port News Editorial Staff

The North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority has allocated 100 million euros for 2022 for implementing infrastructure projects, dredging and special maintenance activities. This is the key point in the budget approved over the last few days by the Management Committee and presented by President Guerrieri at a press conference this morning.

The planned interventions include the special maintenance of Livorno port’s curvilinear breakwater (33 million euros) and the construction of the 1st section of the West Quay of Piombino port’s North Dock (33 million euros).

The reprofiling of the quay alongside Livorno’s harbour access channel in the vicinity of  the Marzocco tower (€ 13.5 million), the redevelopment of the port on the island of Capraia (€ 1.4 million) and the dredging of the seaward areas of the Chiusa in the port of Piombino (€ 3.5 million) are also worthy of note.

In addition, 1.5 million euros will be invested in carrying out the infrastructural work foreseen in the Technical and Functional Adjustment of Rio Marina’s Port Masterplan, while 2.8 million euros will be allocated to the dredging of the Oil Dock. Another 1,4 million euros will be set aside for the construction of a new steel bridge over the Magnale berthing area.

Worthy of attention, finally, the 500 thousand euros committed to designing the second section of the 398 road which is to be built with 55 million euros from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.

A total of 347 million euros will be allocated for infrastructure investments over the three-year 2021-2023 period.

The Budget, illustrated by senior administration executive, Simone Gagliani, foresees a surplus of 54 million euros at 31/12/2022, minus 33.5 million euros to cover the administrative deficit that the Authority has accrued since the previous year. The final estimated cash surplus is 52 million euros.

Despite the current economic situation still being difficult,  in 2022 the Port Network Authority  expects to collect 19.6 million euros from the application of port and anchorage dues, and over 10 million euros from the payment of concessionary fees.

“This budget has been devised to meet the current contingent challenges,” said Mr Guerrieri. “For 2022, the Port Network Authority   has set up a considerable potential for infrastructural project design and implementation, adding to the commitments made for the Darsena Europa seaward expansion project another hundred million euros to meet the needs of traffic development.”

Mr. Guerrieri also pointed out how the initiatives on the environmental sustainability front, and scheduled in the Energy and Environmental Planning Document, approved in 2021, outline a systemic vision focusing on  the development of new operating standards for the Authority. Fundamental, from this point of view, the new funding which has been secured for  Cold Ironing, 77 million euros, and for  Energy and Climate, 34 million euros.

The president didn’t fail to emphasize the importance that the Administration intends to place on social sustainability: “We will continue to support companies in this comparatively difficult economic phase,” he said. “Despite not having the certainty of the facilitation measures provided for in art.199 of legislative decree 34/2020 being extended to 2022, we have set aside 3.6 million euros to be allocated for supporting port companies and port manpower agencies

Training will also be a priority: “We have set aside 500,000 euros for training activities, which will be added to the 200,000 euros already allocated.”

Translation by Giles Foster