Embargo on Venezuela

Greece black-listed by the USA

by Port News Editorial Staff

Economic sanctions against Venezuela unilaterally imposed by the US administration are not only harming the Maduro regime, but also those who have being doing business with the South American country over the last few years by transporting their crude oil.

This is the case with Greece, whose shipowners currently own more than a quarter of the world tanker fleet. Over the past 12 months, out of a total of over 160 crude tankers carrying Venezuelan crude oil, 126 are owned by important Greek families.

Due to the US sanctions, which began in 2019, Caracas has significantly reduced its exports of crude oil. Nevertheless, several Greek shipping companies have continued to operate their ships in this trade with Venezuela.

Two days ago, four tankers went on the American blacklist: Athens Voyager, Chios I., Seahero and Voyager I, all owned by major Greek oil companies.

According to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), they are responsible for facilitating “illegal transactions with Nicolás Maduro’s illegitimate regime in Venezuela.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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