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Here are the wind-powered tankers

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Swedish shipping company STENA Bulk has developed a new prototype tanker capable of cutting Co2 emissions normally produced by product tankers by at least a quarter.

The prototype, nicknamed IMOFlexMax, will be equipped with Flettner rotors and solar panels able to exploit wind and sun as an alternative energy source for propulsion.

The IMOFlexMAX tankers will be fitted with a dual-fuel engine that can run on both Liquefied Natural Gas and conventional low sulphur fuels. Overall, they will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25%.

“The world needs liquid products to be transported on reliable, innovative and eco-sustainable ships,” said Stena Bulk President Erik Hånell. “This is a need that will become increasingly urgent due to population growth and improved living standards.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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