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New technology from Samsung Heavy Industries

How I’ll capture carbon for you

by Port News Editorial Staff

SAMSUNG Heavy Industries will be able to formally produce and commercialize its new carbon capture technology, co-developed with Panasia.

The Onboard Carbon Capture system has been approved by the Korean Register of Shipping. The project, specifically designed to be used on vessels running on  Liquefied Natural Gas, allows the carbon produced by  ship engines  to be separated and stored.

According to the director of SHI’s Green Energy Technology Centre, Park Geon, the combination of LNG propulsion systems and carbon capture technology is expected to provide an affordable solution and a viable alternative to IMO’s stringent carbon emission regulations

According to Geon, the technology will not only help meet shipping greenhouse gas reduction targets, but will also help increase demand for LNG-powered ships.

SHI plans to continue its research and commercialize its  carbon capture technology by 2024.

Translation by Giles Foster

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