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Imports down in American ports

by Port News Editorial Staff

In June U.S. ports imported 1.5 million TEUs, recording a 10.2% drop compared to the same month of last year.

This is certified by the consultancy firm Blue Alpha Capital in its latest monthly report. The largest U.S. container port, Los Angeles, imported 369,189 TEUs, 6.8% less compared to 2019, while the nearby Long Beach port unloaded 300,714 twenty-foot containers (-9.8%).

Overall, west coast ports saw their imports down by 8.3% in June (854,202 TEUs). This result is better than the one recorded by the Atlantic coast ports, whose total imports fell by 12.5% , to 677,895 TEUs. The worst ports? Charleston (-18.9%) and Houston (-17.4%).

Translation by Giles Foster

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