Ambush in Congo

Italian shipowners in mourning

by Port News Editorial Staff

Italian shipowners join the condolences for the death of the Ambassador in Congo, Luca Attanasio, and of the military police officer, Vittorio Iacovacci, barbarously murdered in Goma yesterday, following an ambush thought to be by Hutu rebels from the Rwanda Liberation Front.

“I would like to express the Italian shipowners’ sympathy to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to our military police force” – says Mario Mattioli, President of Confitarma (the Italian Shipowners Confederation- translator’s note) – “and, deeply moved and saddened, I wish to share the pain of the families of Ambassador Luca Attanasio and police officer Vittorio Iacovacci: two wonderful people who make us proud to be Italian.”

Translation by Giles Foster