Italian Democratic Party’s proposal

Democratic Party: ports are suffocating

by Port News Editorial Staff

Let only the warehouses of firms whose production activity was put on hold by the Prime Minister’s Decree of 23rd March operate. This is the request that the Democratic Party MPs on the Transport and Infrastructure Committees of the House and Senate addressed to Minister Paola De Micheli, in a letter sent to her a few hours ago.

In the letter, Members of Parliament and senators from the Democratic Party asked firms to be authorized – through the Prefecture – to receive commercial cargoes at their own warehouses or send them to storage areas they manage.

The aim is to prevent port areas from getting congested even in the next few hours after the arrival of commercial cargoes from Asia and America organized “well before our country was hit by the epidemic.”

“In this emergency framework” – the note reads – “everything has to be done so that national logistics can continue to guarantee the circulation of everything that is indispensable to the functioning of essential supply chains. This is why we wish to point out the urgent need for government intervention to prevent Italian ports from being congested by the arrival of goods and raw materials destined for companies whose activities were suspended by the Prime Minister’s Decree of 23rd March.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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