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Let’s give cruises back to our country

by Port News Editorial Staff

Rapidly approve the “Protocol on measures for the management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 on board cruise ships”, so as to allow the recovery of a sector in difficulty.

This is the request that Assiterminal makes to the government. “By approving this protocol, Italy has the great opportunity to be an example to follow at European and global level demonstrating that the cruise sector can start up again in complete safety” says the Italian Terminal Operators Association. It stresses that 2019 was a record year, with over 12.2 million passengers handled (+10.4% vs. 2018) and four Italian ports in the top ten Mediterranean ones. With 50 calls /destinations in Italy, the volume of cruise passengers represented 20% of the total number of passengers handled in our ports.

The sector estimated a growth of up to 32 million cruise passengers for 2020. However, the pandemic has brought the sector to a standstill with an estimated downturn of at least 70%.

“2020” – continues Assiterminal – “is and will therefore be very different. 90 days shutdown (and we have already gone further) has led to, according to the latest estimate, a direct financial loss of 1.4 billion euros and over 9000 job cuts for our country.”

“We have to hurry. The total impact of this shutdown could be an overall loss of 3.5 billion euros in financial return and over 24 thousand jobs at risk. Together we can decide the best way to start again. The whole sector needs to and can do it safely. Once again, we can show that we are leaders and give a business back to our country that knows how to be and can be a driving force for the entire national economy,” said the President of the Association, Luca Becce.

Translation by Giles Foster

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