Work begins on widening the access road to the Molo Italia pier

Livorno boosts its forest product port

by Port News Editorial Staff

This morning, the widening of the access road to Livorno Port’s Molo Italia pier was assigned to Ilset, a Genoa-based company.

The project, worth 800,000 euros, is due to be completed in about four months, in mid-July, and is particularly strategic for the development of an area that is now considered an essential part of the so-called “Forest Product Port”, which also includes quay no. 41, the Calata del Magnale quay and the southern shore of the Darsena Pisa dock.

The project stems from the need to safely allow the traffic of pulp paper  trailers, separating it from the traffic flows affecting the Darsena Calafati dock, intended for shipbuilding and ship repair, and Darsena Pisa dock, intended for the shelter and mooring of tugs.

Once the work is completed, the 210-metre stretch from the Via Pisa road to the beginning of the Molo Italia pier will be almost double the original width: from 12.13 to 22.8 metres.

The project also includes a new energy-saving LED public lighting network on both sides of the road plus a streetlight at the roundabout at the beginning of the Molo Italia pier.

Translation by Giles Foster

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