Modernization project

Livorno gets new light towers

by Port News Editorial Staff

The North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority is preparing to replace the light towers in the port of Livorno, which are no longer able to guarantee the safety coefficients required by current regulations.

After partially renewing the old lighting fixtures in 2019 , replacing five of them, the Authority has now completed the port lighting renewal project by entrusting S.b.M. Lavori Portuali, who secured the tender contract worth a total of 130 thousand euros, with replacing an additional four light towers.

The work is to be completed in 120 calendar days from the date the company receives the order. The main activities consist of modifying and adapting the existing power lines, earthmoving and construction activities to demolish the existing plinths and build the new foundations. The new light towers will be 25 meters tall.

Translation by Giles Foster