Coronavirus emergency

Livorno port’s anti-contagion guidelines

by Marco Casale

The Northern Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority has issued guidelines today for port operations in terminals, shore-to-ship operations and hauliers in their ports.

The document is the result of consultation with competent institutions in order to face the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency. It is based on the indications contained in the Prime Minister’s Decree of 11th March 2020 and the National Regulatory Protocol adopted on 14th March 2020 for the COVID-19 emergency.

First of all, port companies are asked to ensure that they will guarantee constant, updated information on the appropriate code of conduct to adopt and on the correct use and management of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, overalls, etc.), as well as on all the provisions issued by the Health Administration.

In addition, the sanitization of workspaces and vehicles, on the basis of their characteristics and how they are used, has to guaranteed at the end of each shift, with chlorine (sodium hypochlorite 0.1%) or ethyl alcohol (70%) disinfectants.

The sanitation of work tools must be carried out with periodical special cleaning of common-use equipment. It is recommended that operational personnel be made aware of the need to keep the vehicles and all items subject to contact clean, distributing sanitizing products and paper rolls on the various vehicles.

Changing rooms must not be crowded and a minimum distance of 1 metre between workers has to be respected in any case. Likewise, employees must be equipped with suitable disposable masks and gloves, in addition to the PPE normally used for each type of activity, compatibly with the objective difficulty of procuring them.

Permanent worker teams will have to organized so as to keep the mixing of people to a minimum and to facilitate, in the case of a person found to have contracted the virus, the identification of other possibly infected individuals.

Shuttle services must also be organized in such a way as to limit the presence of personnel on board as much as possible, in any case guaranteeing a distance of 1 metre between people. Should it not be possible to respect the minimum distance, the use of specific PPE (masks) remains obligatory.

Loading/unloading operations must be organized in agreement with the master of the vessel in such a way that, if there are port workers in the hold, there are no seafarers (other than those essential to the operations) and/or passengers present at the same time.

During shore-to-ship operations, contact between shore workers and personnel on-board must be avoided as far as possible: if close-quarters operations are required, the distance of at least 1 metre between the shore workers and personnel on-board concerned must always be kept.

Shore workers who go on board the ship, in addition to ordinary PPE, must be equipped with suitable disposable masks and gloves, compatibly with the objective difficulty of procuring them.

Finally, the guidelines recommend reducing to a minimum any possibility of contact between drivers and staff at terminal gates.

“We have listened to the requests of workers and employers involved and shared with institutions the most appropriate measures to be taken in the port. This document is the fruit of days of intense work which also involved actively participating in preparing Government decrees” – said the President of the Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini – “Our ports remain operational, but in order to continue to do so the measures in force have to be respected in order to avoid spreading the contagion: we are sure that our port operators will answer with their customary professionalism.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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