Smart Ports Award 2021

Livorno PNA earns award in Ferrara

by Port News Editorial Staff

An important acknowledgement for the work carried out in the sustainability field and in the fight against environmental pollution. The award was received by the President of the Port Network Authority, Luciano Guerrieri, on the occasion of Remtech Expo 2021, an international event specializing in the protection and sustainable development of regional areas, held today in Ferrara.

The Smart Ports Award 2021 was presented for “the major sustainable development project that Network ports are carrying out and, in particular, Livorno, a strategic port, with an outstanding seaward expansion project: the Piattaforma Europa“. This was reiterated by Assoporti (the Italian port association – Translator’s note), that  organized the event to give ports visibility and to offer food for thought on major issues.

“I am happy and proud to have received such an award,” said Mr. Guerrieri. “It is a recognition that clearly goes to all our staff at the Port Network Authority and to my predecessors at Palazzo Rosciano, who have carried out these projects over the years.”

Mr Guerrieri pointed out how the Port Network Authority is at the forefront of sustainability issues, like the project for building the Darsena Europa, for example, “which involves re-using dredged material to replenish the sandy shores of the Tuscan coastline.” And that’s not all: “With the Port Network’s Environmental Energy Document (DEASP), we have developed targeted actions for managing electricity in a standardized, integrated fashion at each port; electrifying the quays so that vessels can switch off their engines once they are berthed; encouraging reduced energy consumption; and developing a consortium involving terminal operators and port operators for purchasing electricity from renewable sources.”

“We are moving forward in the knowledge that social and environmental sustainability is no longer a choice, but an obligation dictated by regulations, the market, local communities and sub-regional areas,” Mr Guerrieri concluded.

Translation by Giles Foster