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Livorno, port gate accesses down

by Port News Editorial Staff

Livorno – A total of 317,608 port entries were recorded between January and September 2020, down 8% from 345,361 in the same period the previous year.

This was announced by the Port Network Authority in a statistical analysis of the number of entrances/ accesses of road hauliers through public customs gates where the GTS3, the automated system that controls all vehicles and people passing through the Galvani, Valessini, Zara and Darsena Toscana gates, is in operation. This system records, at the moment of transit along each of the port traffic lanes, – the photo of the vehicle, its front and rear license plate, the container number, the personal data and the photo of the drivers.

The monthly average fell from 38,373 entries in 2019 to 35,290 this year. This means over 3,000 fewer entries per month. The crisis brought about by the ongoing pandemic, which has resulted in declining traffic in many sectors, has obviously affected the haulage category as well.

There has been a 6.8% reduction in the number of accesses through the Galvani gate and 15.5% less through the Darsena Toscana gate, while the Valessini/Zara gates (which were analyzed jointly as they delimit the boundaries and provide access to the same port area for hauliers) registered an increase of 6.4%.

The reduced number of accesses through the Darsena Toscana and the Galvani gates is an obvious consequence of the downturn recorded in the first nine months of the year in the container sector from/to the hinterland (- 9.6%) and in the handling of rolling stock (- 12.6%).

On the other hand, at the Valessini/Zara gates, which provide access to the main terminals handling break-bulk forestry products, road hauliers’ accesses increased by 6.4% overall, equivalent to almost 4,000 extra entries.

This confirms the good performance of the forest products sector which, as a whole (pulp, Kraft paper rolls and lumber) was the only type of commercial traffic to have registered positive results, with a turnover of almost 1.3 million tonnes, up 4% compared to the January-September 2019 period.

The percentage breakdown of accesses between the gates also shows that 38.5% of the road hauliers entering the port transit through the Darsena Toscana gate (41.8% in 2019) while the percentage share of the Galvani gate remained almost stationary at 40.7%. The remaining 14.4% of truck drivers access the port through the Valessini gate and 6.4% through the Zara gate.

Translation by Giles Foster

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