His speech at a Livorno Municipality conference

Luciano Guerrieri’s vision

by Port News Editorial Staff

“We now need to fully implement the inspiring principles of the Delrio Reform, develop that synergy which must be promoted by the Port Network Authority in an area that encompasses a number of ports and intermodal nodes.”

Speaking at an online round table on logistics and ports organized by Livorno Municipality, the President of the Northern Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Luciano Guerrieri, stressed the importance of close, effective collaboration that must be strengthened between companies, institutions and the research and university world: “Sparsa colligo (uniting what is dispersed, separated), Edgar Morin’s motto is a source of great inspiration for me and I would like our administrative action to focus on this: the economic and institutional players in this area  are called on, now more than ever, to maximize their interpersonal skills  to pursue a common development project. ”

Eco-sustainability, digital innovation but also administrative simplification (through the One Stop Administrative Shop). These are the major issues to be placed at the top of the Authority’s agenda: “We are not starting from scratch on these issues. The Port Network Authority has developed various projects: there are experiments that have produced important results in the 5G field  and in the info-mobility perspective. I want to make the most of the good things my predecessors have done, trying to implement the appropriate synergies both inside and outside the Authority.

The president of the ports of Livorno and Piombino  also emphasized the priority of the Special Logistic Zone (SLZ) and  announced his commitment to developing  a tool that “will certainly be fundamental for bringing our ports closer to the regional productive system. On this issue we want to play a central role. We will modify and implement the organizational structure of the Authority in order to fulfill this objective”.

Translation by Giles Foster

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