Staff address on his first day as Managing Director

Matteo Paroli: “Teamwork’s the key.”

by Port News Editorial Staff

From yesterday the lawyer Matteo Paroli is now officially managing director of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority. He replaces Massimo Provinciali, at the helm of the technical/operational secretariat since 2011, first alongside President Giuliano Gallanti, who firmly wanted him at Palazzo Rosciano, then alongside former President Stefano Corsini, and finally, since last March, supporting President Luciano Guerrieri.

In his opening address yesterday to the Authority’s personnel, the new managing director  had words of praise and esteem for his predecessor: “Massimo Provinciali performed his role  excellently during his two terms of office, amidst difficulties and critical issues well known to all of you,” he said.

“Massimo, while clearly providing professional support to the presidents who wanted him at their side, was able to lead a port authority, Livorno, into a much more complex and much more articulated Network Authority.”

Mr. Paroli described this job as no easy task, made worse by unforeseeable circumstances, such as the pandemic crisis, which made it even more complex and delicate. “We all owe a great deal to Massimo, from a human and professional point of view, and I would like to thank him formally for what he has done and how he did it.”

The Port Network Authority’s new managing director then looked to the future: “The work ahead of us is not easy and I have no illusions about the fact that we will have to face many difficulties and obstacles over  the next few years. However, I am a great believer in teamwork and I am certain that if we all work with commitment and unity of purpose we will be able to bring home the results that our President and the entire Tuscan region expect from us and from our Authority”.

Mr Paroli stressed the importance, and great responsibility, of the role played by the Port Network Authority: “our port network is one of the main and most important industrial and productive compendiums in our Region, capable of generating considerable wealth for an area, also in terms of GDP”

This is why “being able to work for an organization like ours is the aspiration and ambition of many young people, and we have the responsibility and the honour of being able to do so, every day. And we must do it with the pride of those who know they are working for a modern, important, authoritative and dynamic Administration.”

In his message to employees, the new managing director at Palazzo Rosciano anticipated that the reorganization of the company  will be one of his priorities. The goal, to be achieved with the support and cooperation of the managers and all the staff, will be to “make our organizational set up more streamlined and faster, more responsive to the objectives that our Ministry has assigned to us and will assign us over the next few years, quicker in responding to the priorities that the President and the Management Committee will give us.”

Mr Paroli concluded his greetings by wishing everyone all the best in their work: “I am certain that we will be a cohesive and motivated team, geared towards achieving the results that will be demanded of us at any given time.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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