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MIT: Unfreeze port financial resources

by Port News Editorial Staff

A work group to monitor and encourage the use of resources already available but not yet in a condition to be spent.

This is the solution reached by Port Network Authorities and the Ministry for Infrastructures & Transport (MIT) at the end of a joint discussion session focusing on financially supporting and relaunching ports and businesses.

“As soon as possible,” reads a note from the Ministry, “these resources must be made accessible through simplified rules for creating infrastructure, designed for relaunching the maritime economy.”

Minister De Micheli then addressed the issue of cruise ships sailing under Italian flags on their way back to Italy. The Ministry in Piazzale di Porta Pia believes that a plan for the next berthing operations in Italian ports has to be defined as soon as possible. These operations will have to take place without in any way overburdening the already highly stressed regional health systems’ accommodation capacity.

Translation by Giles Foster

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