New work in Livorno port

Molo Italia, road-widening gets go ahead

by Port News Editorial Staff

This morning the Port Network Authority signed the tender contract for building a new access road system to Molo Italia pier in view of allowing goods to transit safely and separate traffic flows between the area of the port dedicated to pulp and paper, Darsena Calafati dock and Darsena Pisa dock.

I.L.S.E.T., the company awarded the contract, is responsible for widening the road within 120 days, separating the lanes for the two types of traffic currently circulating: heavy traffic (Mafis for pulp and paper and similar goods) to and from Molo Italia pier and various types of traffic to and from the areas along the side of the road.

The widening of the current road system means it will double its capacity, with a total width of 22 meters, with a dual pedestrian transit area on each side and a new lighting systems in line with energy efficiency standards.

It is a small step forward, which might seem insignificant, but that is not the case. It is the first phase of an operation that, together with the completion of the new warehouse in the MK area, will contribute to optimizing Livorno port’s traffic management.

Translation by Giles Foster

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