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2M Alliance comes to a close

MSC & Maersk call off their AE1/Shogun

by Port News Editorial Staff

MSC and Maersk have confirmed the end of the AE1/Shogun service between Asia and Northern Europe jointly operated by the two carriers under the 2M alliance.

Alphaliner  announced the news  in a post pointing out that MSC has recently taken delivery of five  new 24,000 TEU containerships which  the Italo-Swiss carrier will use to reinforce its  most profitable trades.

The French consultancy firm adds, not surprisingly, that the carrier has recently decided to use larger vessels than previously scheduled for the new service between Asia and the Mediterranean, christened Dragon. The first five vessels to be used for this loop will have a capacity of between 9,000 and 14,400 TEUs. The initial schedule, on the other hand, envisaged using ships with a 7,000 TEU capacity.

Translation by Giles Foster

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