A zero-emission world

MSC towards a zero-emission world

by Port News Editorial Staff

MEDITERRANEAN Shipping Co is exploring new forms of collaboration in the development of clean fuels using hydrogen. The company announced it in a press release.

Speaking at the opening conference on the efficiency of maritime transport in Geneva, Executive Vice President Bud Darr steered the discussion towards decarbonization: “There is no single solution for decarbonizing transport,” he said, “we urgently need a range of alternative fuels on a large scale.”

“The future of shipping and decarbonization will depend on solid partnerships both in terms of technological collaboration and fuel supply,” continued Mr. Darr, who also explained how MSC is already experimenting with a large-scale use of biofuels. For example, the latest generation of ultra large Gülsün containerships are designed to run on Liquefied Natural Gas, when and if LNG will successfully establish itself as a bridging fuel along the path to decarbonization.

The real bet for the future, however, is still hydrogen, which MSC would like to be produced in a clean way. This is why the company believes it is necessary to focus more than ever on research and development to develop alternative fuels and propulsion technologies.

Translation by Giles Foster

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