The causes of the accident

MSC Zoe excessively stable

by Port News Editorial Staff

Unfavourable weather conditions combined with a high degree of stability, which has a negative effect on the cargo during rolling, are the causes of the MSC Zoe accident. A year ago the vessel lost 342 containers in the stormy North Sea while it was on its way from Portugal to Bremerhaven.

The Dutch Safety Board has certified this in its final report. The MSC Zoe is one of the largest container ships in the world and in bad weather, if tilted, can straighten up very quickly thanks to its stability. The whiplash effect from this rolling would have put strong pressure on the cargo, causing the accident.

297 containers sank in Dutch waters off the island of Ameland and 45 in German territorial waters off the island of Borkum. Many of the containers opened when they hit the sea and as a result several tons of waste reached the beaches.

“After the accident, MSC made its decision to avoid the southern shipping route,” the Company announced in a press release.

Translation by Giles Foster

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