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New funds for N. Tyrrhenian ports

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport has ordered the payment of 50% of the approximately three million euros allocated to the North Tyrrhenian Port Network to finance priority infrastructure projects.

The resources come from the fund for designing infrastructures and priority facilities for the country’s development, as per art. 202 of the new procurement code. They have been allocated by the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport on the basis of a careful analysis of the project proposals put forward by Port Authorities.

The resources for the North Tyrrhenian Network Authority follow, in terms of amount, those allocated to the Western Ligurian Port Network Authority and the Central Tyrrhenian Network Authority, both promoters of two important special projects.

A large number of the most significant initiatives launched by the Port Network Authority have been allocated funding

As far as Piombino is concerned, part of the resources will be reserved for building new quays in front of the containment basins and related yards; for the completion of the inner and outer breakwaters; and for the “Connection link between the Tyrrhenian A12 motorway and the port (Lot n. 2: Gagno-Port).

In Livorno, on the other hand, funding will be allocated for the feasibility design of the new mobile bridge over the Arno overflow canal; for the operational transformation of Calata Orlando and Calata Carrara for the construction of a new passenger facility; and for the reorganization of the port road network (with the separation of traffic flows, the rationalization and optimization of the customs control circuit the construction of a single motorway-type port entrance and access to the Darsena Europa facility).

Finally, other resources will be used for the national railway development project in the Network ports.

“At last the mechanism for project financing introduced with the new 2016 procurement code has been set in motion and the Authority has done an excellent job in formulating proposals, being awarded a considerable amount of funding,” said the President of Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini, who thanked the strategic planning dept and the competent department of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport for their continued commitment.

“It is now clear to everyone that the most critical issue in the process of creating infrastructure is the design phase, the completion of which is preparatory to the allocation of funding for construction,” explained Mr. Corsini. Moreover, he stressed that the activation of the fund is only a first step but nonetheless an important one: “Now we need to work on simplifying both the procedures for allocating the project design and the approval processes.”

Before a project can be allocated, years of examination are needed to allow the various bodies involved to express an opinion or complete parallel procedures. “In view of the new departure following this unexpected emergency that has hit our sector’s entrepreneurial and economic system, I believe that we can no longer afford unnecessary complications.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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