Assault in the Gulf of Aden

Oil tanker escapes pirate attack

by Port News Editorial Staff

The tanker Stolt Apal, on route from the Middle East to Europe, escaped a pirate attack last Saturday while sailing in the Gulf of Aden, 75 nautical miles from Yemen.

The Stolt Apal, built in 2016 and flying the British flag, owned by Stolt-Nielsen S.A., was attacked by two armed groups.

The armed security on board the merchant ship took action by firing on the assailants and sinking one of the two rafts the pirates were on. A warship of unidentified nationality later intervened, escorting the Stolt Apal, and, in doing so, managing to permanently shake off the attackers.

The vessel reportedly didn’t suffer any major damage, with the exception of the bridge, which was riddled with bullets in a number of places. There were no injuries or damage to the cargo.

This is not the first time a cargo vessel has been attacked off the coast of Yemen. According to the security firm Dryad Global, this is the ninth incident this year.

Translation by Giles Foster