Port Network Authority statement

Olbia, illegal boarding attempt foiled

by Port News Editorial Staff

Yesterday evening, Sardinia Port Network Authority port security personnel  foiled the illegal boarding attempt of a group of Algerian immigrants on ships departing from the port of Olbia to Livorno.

This was announced in a statement issued  by the Port Network Authority: “The young men – at least three – were caught, around 8pm, during routine port security patrols while they were trying to hide under the trailers of vehicles parked in the Isola Bianca yards.

One of them, in particular, was spotted by the security personnel while he was trying to get through the restricted-access area, clinging to the vehicle’s underbody. According to the Port Network Authority, the man, presumably aged between 25 and 30, was handed over to the Police, who, together with the Harbour Authority officers, had been pre-alerted by the Security staff for identification purposes.

“What happened yesterday is not the first illegal boarding episode in the ports under the Port Network Authority’s jurisdiction,” the statement reads. “For this reason and, above all, to protect the health of all those who, out of desperation, try to cross the island’s borders in all kinds of different ways, the Authority has long since being intensifying  its  inspection of  HGVs boarding and its patrols in the semi-trailer parking yards.

Translation by Giles Foster

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