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Palermo, money for the dry dock

by Port News editorial staff

The CIPE (the Italian Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning) has definitively confirmed 39 million euros in favour of Palermo and the Fincantieri dock for the construction of large ships.

According to the information provided by Western Sicily Port Network Authority, the allocation of funding is for the safety of the dry dock and the demolition of a small pier that interferes with the arrival /departure of ships in the 150,000 dwt dock. In addition, part of this funding is designated for completing the finishing work with the construction of a new outer road to service the North Pier and a yard used for work in the surrounding area.

“This operation – affirms the president of the Port Network Authority Pasqualino Monti – will give Palermo’s most important industry, its shipyards, back to the city. This is the result of the great work carried out in record time by the Authority”.

With a clear change of pace compared to the past: “Palermo port is demonstrating – concluded Monti – that even in Sicily you can spend public money well, you can recover European funding through a constant and constructive dialogue with the institutions, with a fundamental overall vision and, above all, throwing your heart beyond the obstacles and always leaving the facts, and not words, to testify our actions.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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