Superseding agreement signed

PIM concession has been perfected

by Port News Editorial Staff

The ship demolition, maintenance and refitting project in the port of Piombino has now come to life with the signing, this morning, of the improved maritime state concession agreement in the presence of the president of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini and the top management of Piombino Industrie Marittime, the shipbuilding company set up by the Genoa-based San Giorgio del Porto and F.lli Neri from Livorno, represented by the president Piero Neri and the managing director Valerio Mulas.

The superseding agreement, which completes the process started with the deed of submission already signed by the parties in September 2016, provides that PIM can operate on a 120,370 square meter area, including 17,040m2, up to 2041

Upon the signing of the deed, an additional 22,615 square meters of land area is to be also handed over to the company, in addition to the 80,715 m2 already granted over the last few years for the construction of an initial part of the plants.

PIM will now be able to continue their project of building a multi-purpose platform for demolition, construction and repair, with private investments of over 16 million by 2023 and a staff of 80 people working full-time, without counting indirect employment.

The company, which obtained the AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorization) last summer, is currently waiting for a new link road to be completed that will allow their worksite to have independent road access. In addition, PIM has already solved, with its own resources, the electricity supply problem by installing cables along a 2.5 km route to its worksite. Likewise, it has also seen to setting up a water treatment and recycling plant and has started building the first of the sheds envisaged in the Plan.

With the completion of the facilities, the company will be able to implement the numerous projects it is involved in, both in demolition and refitting activities, thanks to the close collaboration with the port of Genoa (through GIN -Genova Industrie Navali and San Giorgio del Porto) and the port of Livorno (where F.lli Neri operates).

“Today’s signing marks the end of a process that has proved to be very challenging for all parties involved: our company, Tuscany Regional Administration, the Port Network Authority, Piombino Municipality , plus many technical bodies,” said President Piero Neri, who added: “To build a multi-purpose plant like the Piombino Industrie Marittime one, we were obliged to address national and European environmental protection regulations for the first time. As we set about doing it, we were determined to do our part to contributing to an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future.”

Mr. Corsini expressed his satisfaction: “This important act, together with the others that have recently been signed, and those to come – in the light of the results of the selection procedures for the concessionaires of the three lots of the Darsena Nord and the progress of JSW Italia’s industrial plan – puts the port into a strategic market that up to now had been impossible to join, but consistent with the port’s equally strategic geographical position and the infrastructure potential that distinguish it. All this will also contribute to provide the concrete employment responses that the area awaits within a supply chain with unquestionable potential”.

Translation by Giles Foster

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