Piombino last call for the Costa Vittoria

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Costa Victoria has been berthed at the quay in concession to Piombino Industrie Marittime (PIM) since yesterday, the third biggest ship in terms of tonnage to enter the port of Piombino.

Launched in 1996, 252 metres’ long and 75,000 dwt, the cruise ship was sold by Costa Cruises to the Genoese company San Giorgio del Porto, which is one of the partners of PIM together with Ft.lli Neri.

Over the next few days its fate will be decided. Among the various hypotheses being considered is its transformation into a floating hotel for other ports or its demolition in a port meeting green-recycling requirements.

In both cases, the lightening of all the equipment on board is to be carried out in Piombino, where the ship will remain for as long as necessary while waiting for the sale to San Giorno to be finalized

“The port of Piombino and its industries represent an enormous potential for the development and relaunch of the city’s economy and the arrival of this vessel is another important confirmation of this,” said the Mayor of Piombino, Francesco Ferrari, welcoming the ship’s captain yesterday.

Translation by Giles Foster

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