Assiterminal's proposals

Ports and Covid: here’s where to start

by Port News Editorial Staff

Rules, work, liquidity, simplification and infrastructure. For the Italian terminal operators’ association, Assiterminal, these are the main pillars that need to be addressed to allow the port industry to restart.

First of all, Assiterminal calls for the national port system to finally adopt a regulation on port concessions and for the full implementation of the Delrio Reform, under which the Port Network Authorities were established.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure needs to regain its supervisory role to promote a new model of port governance . This is why “ART (the Italian Transport Regulation Authority) has no reason to exist because it surreptitiously branched out into areas it shouldn’t have. ”

On the labour front, Assiterminal points out that social distancing measures are “making our sector’s production and organizational processes inefficient as well. It is therefore necessary to get art.17, co.15 bis fully enforced for all port workers and reduce the tax wedge.”

Assiterminal also calls for a reduction in concession fees, down to zero, for concessionaires without traffic, and new investments in the digitization of administrative requirements.

In terms of infrastructure, the Association of Terminal Operators believes that it is necessary to restart from the National Strategic Plan for logistics and ports in order to channel new resources to be used in the facilities serving TEN-T corridors. “We must not become an infrastructural commodity but “capture” value with a new industrial policy,” concludes Assiterminal.

Translation by Giles Foster

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