MSC's request

Save the sailors on the Anastasia

by Port News Editorial Staff

“An urgent crew change solution for the bulk carrier ‘Anastasia’”, which is stranded off the coast of northern China. It is among dozens of ships at anchor near the port of Caofeidian that Beijing has banned from crew change due to Covid-19 restrictions and escalating trade problems with Australia.

This is what MSC is asking for in a note sent to the press in which it specifies that it has repeatedly requested during the ship’s voyage that the seafarers on board be relieved to return home to their families: ” These proposals have not yet been implemented by the chartering parties which determine the ship’s movements,” the company explained.

“MSC has already shared information with various authorities and encourages governments to take an interest in forging a solution to this growing humanitarian problem, not only for seafarers onboard the Anastasia, but also on dozens of other non-MSC vessels in the area which we understand to be stuck in a similar situation due to trade issues between China and Australia,” the note reads.

Australia’s coal ban has already stranded 38 breakbulk ships in the roads, exacerbating the well-known problem of crew changes that arose as the pandemic crisis spread. The liner explained that it has already brought the issue to the attention of the United Nations International Maritime Organization and other international government and industry bodies.

Translation by Giles Foster

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