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Shipping rates on the road to stability

by Port News Editorial Staff

The reduction in blank sailings is helping to stabilize shipping freight rates for container transport. This is certified by the World Container Index prepared by Drewry, according to which the rate index has fallen by only 1% compared to last week, to $2,002 per 40-foot container.

However, the current index value is 45.8% higher than twelve months ago and is above the market trend of the last five years. To date, in 2020 the average freight rate represented by the World Container Index is $1,668 per 40-foot container, $269 higher than the average for the last five years, which is $1,400 per FEU.

Spot freight rates for the transport of containers by sea from Shanghai to Rotterdam fell by 3%, reaching $1,806 per FEU, while, in the opposite direction, rates increased by $15 to $1,173 (an increase of 103% compared to last year).

Freight rates are on a downward trend on the route from Shanghai to Genoa: tariffs have dropped by 4%, at 1978 dollars per FEU.

Translation by Giles Foster

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