Stena Pro Patria delivered

Stena Bulk’s first methanol-powered ship

by Port News Editorial Staff

Swedish company Stena Bulk has just welcomed its first tanker running on methanol.  The 50,000-tonne Stena Pro Patria has just been delivered from the Chinese shipyard in Guangzhou . It’s the first of six  MR dual-fuelled vessels ordered from the shipbuilding company by the owner as part of a joint venture with methanol producer Proman.

Two other methanol-fuelled ships, the Stena Pro Marine and the Stena Promise, will be delivered later this year.

The Stena Pro Patria, which will load methanol fuel in Ulsan, South Korea, and arrive in Trinidad and Tobago for her inauguration ceremony  by the end of the year, represents Proman Stena Bulk’s commitment to achieving the decarbonization targets set by the IMO.

With an expected consumption of 12,500 tonnes of methanol marine fuel per year, the Stena Pro Patria will be a low-emission ship, capable of eliminating local pollutants including SOx and Particulate Matter (PM), reducing NOx emissions by 60% and CO2 emissions compared to conventional marine fuels.

Translation by Giles Foster

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