Hi-tech drones

The goods? lowered from above

by Port News Editorial Staff

Drones are now a reality and are increasingly used to deliver payloads to ships even from a certain distance.

Recently, another significant step forward has been made in air cargo transport without crews. The American developer A2Z Drone Delivery has in fact tested a delivery mechanism that allows the drone to lower goods from above, using a rope, a bit like a helicopter would do.

This is an extremely important solution because it allows payloads to be delivered without the need to land the drone directly on the ship. This is not always possible: think for example of bad weather conditions, which usually make deliveries of this type uncomfortable, if not impossible. In addition, this significantly reduces delivery times.

The system, called RDS1 (Rapid Delivery System), allows payloads weighing no more than 2 kg to be transported over distances of up to 3.5 km from pilot stations.

Translation by Giles Foster

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