Total blockage for empty containers

The port of Felixstowe gets congested

by Port News Editorial Staff

Felixstowe, Great Britain’s largest port, is going through a difficult time after announcing to shippers and forwarders that they are temporarily not able to accept empty containers.

The port of call is heavily congested. The Director General of the British International Freight Association, Robert Keen said that over the last 24 hours, the problems had hit alarming levels and that the effects were visible to all and were disastrous for their members, who had already had to suffer the impact of the pandemic crisis.

Freight Forwarders have been warned: the port will remain out of action at least until September 23rd: during this time, empty containers will have to be transferred elsewhere, they will probably be diverted to inland parks and this will lead to higher transport costs and higher demurrage rates.

According to experts, the port’s reduced productivity is due to a number of external factors, including the increased demand for goods being sent by sea, the inconvenience caused by the application of the new regulations to combat the spread of Covid, requiring additional sanitization activities during transportation, the recent bad weather conditions, and the temporary decline in the workforce due to the recent holidays.

Translation by Giles Foster

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