Rail transport and intermodality

Trieste: new services to Austria

by Port News Editorial Staff

In a period of shrinking consumption and uncertain economic scenarios due to the lockdown, the port of Trieste plays the intermodal card, launching a new series of intermodal services to Austria.

In a press note the Eastern Adriatic Port Network Authority defines it as a sort of “one-stop-shop” able to serve the market, through a system of railway solutions that have been set up thanks to the collaboration between Alpe Adria, TO Delta and Rail Cargo Operator.

Basically, a direct service will commence between Trieste and Vienna (once a week) which according to the press release – “will primarily meet the needs of Msc’s Austrian market, with one round-trip per week.”

In addition to the new intermodal link, there will also be a full train service, which will triangulate Vienna and Linz from Trieste with two round-trips per week; a direct service linking Trieste and Salzburg with up to two round-trips per week; and an ad-hoc one-wagon connection system that acts as a back up for additional demand for space, connecting Wolfurt, Salzburg, Linz and Vienna.

Translation by Giles Foster

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