New container terminal

Venice is designing its future

by Port News Editorial Staff

A green light for the executive project for building the first part of the new on shore Container Terminal in the former Montesyndial area, owned by the North Adriatic Port Network Authority.

Even in a difficult situation like the one the shipping industry is going through due to an unprecedented crisis, the port of Venice is trying to plan for the future.

The drafting of the preliminary project has been completed, as well as the final design of section I, II and III of the container terminal. The first step involves quaying the south bank of the west industrial canal inside the lagoon port. This will mean building a 610-metre long quay, bringing the bank’s edge back by about 35 metres and setting up of a 170 square metre area ashore, to support this quay.

The total expenditure for these operations will be 10.6 million euros.

“We are investing in the biggest and most significant reclamation and recovery operation where the former petrochemical industry was located to develop the port of the future in the Montesyndial areas” – said the President of the Port Network Authority, Pino Musolino – “we are working to build tomorrow together, because together we will get out of this crisis. Stronger and, thanks to the right interventions, more resilient and stronger  than before.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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